Son de Rey To Perform At Poteet Strawberry Festival 4/12


After 3 years, we’re making our return to the Poteet Strawberry Festival this Sunday. Catch our show at 2 PM from the Bud Light stage.

Next week, join us at Güero’s Oak Garden Thursday April 16 as we’ll be celebrating “Selena Day” with a special tribute during our show.

Friday April 17, we’re heading out to San Antonio, Texas for a show with A.B. Quintanilla and the Kumbia All-Stars, and Ricky Valenz. That evening we’re back in Austin for Peligrosa Fridays at Empire Control room with Este Vato, & Happy Colors. RSVP Here.

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Making Noise in Poteet, Texas

The Poteet Strawberry Festival and Son de Rey

The reaction from people excites and motivates Son de Rey’s musicality. More importantly, the love received from our fans shapes us into better people. Our show at the Poteet Strawberry Festival was purely amazing. Though we were thrown a huge curve ball at the beginning (due to extreme technical difficulties) we put our heads together and made things work. Creative problem solving and the power of prayer bring positive results. Quitting doesn’t fix anything… Quitting simply means giving up. After revitalizing our minds in the dressing room, we set out to perform one heck of a show.

The experience was phenomenal from beginning to end. Hip-hop & cumbia dance moves, screaming fans, break dancing, Son de Rey posters in the crowd, and ridiculous music filled the atmosphere. Our parents and families smiled in the audience enjoying every minute. After closing the show with a Salsa version of Bruno Mar’s Grenade, fans swarmed backstage for autographs and pictures. Everyone was mezmorized and blessed for the positive response. We then departed the Poteet Strawberry Festival fair grounds to dry off our sweaty clothes, ice our ankles & shoulders, and rehydrate. Looking off into the bright fairground lights, we thanked our lucky stars knowing this truly was a night to remember.

We love our fans. New and old… 1 to 92. It doesn’t matter if you’re a guy or a girl, or if you’re black, white, asian, or hispanic. We embrace our fans -gay, straight, bisexual, and the whole nine yards. Christian and non-religious. A fan is a fan, and you must show them equal love and respect. These amazing people support artists careers and help put food on our table. Without fans we’d be stuck rehearsing in our garage, twiddling our thumbs, and day dreaming.

Poteet Strawberry Festival 2012 & Son de Rey