Sonidos De Austin Episode 2 – Who Is Cinco Doce?

Cinco Doce means 512, that’s area code for the city of Austin, Texas. Being brought up in the Area, Cinco Doce’s Musicians have all shared their musical experiences to create the unique sound you hear today.

Though their musical roots range from Conjunto to Urban R&B, Cinco Doce has been able to develop a unique twist to traditional cumbia that infuses their musical backgrounds and encourages everyone to pack the dance floor.

Cinco Doce is placed in a class of their own, but can adapt to any musical environment and all genres of music. Their unique blend of sounds have been recognized by the Tejano Music Awards, and they were awarded “El Headliner” by MTV Tres who showcased their music on their countdown show.

These huge talents allow people from all different walks of life, and ages to fall in love with the sound that is Cinco Doce.

Join us for our first Sonidos De Austin Showcase at Flamingo Cantina April 26 from 9 PM to 1 AM. Cover is $5 at the door. Click here to RSVP on Facebook.

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