Sonidos De Austin Episode 1 – Who Is La Vida Buena?

Sonidos De Austin Episode 1 – Who Is La Vida Buena?

Join us for our first showcase at Flamingo Cantina April 26, 2014.

$5 cover. Doors open at 9 PM

Click here to RSVP.

La Vida Buena means the “good life.” This latin group based out of Austin, Texas incorporates hip-hop, funk, and jazz into their music. They take traditional pop arrangements and add a special twist of salsa to the mix. With the right amount of salsa rhythm and hip hop beats they create bilingual melodies that set them apart from your typical salsa group. Musical influences include Orishas, Manolito, La Charanga Habaranera, The Roots And Ozomatli. Their shows are packed with energy and are always a party of a lifetime. They recently released their debut EP Checkpoint Alpha to rave reviews in the Austin Music scene. On January 23, 2014 Mayor Lee Leffingwell proclaimed the day “La Vida Buena Day.” The synergy and fun they transfer from the stage to the audience is a testament as to why they are living la vida buena.

Check them out on Facebook at:



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