Austin Chronicle Music Polling 2013 – 2014

Hey guys! What’s up?! It’s 2014 and we’re ready to kill it in every which way. New shows, new music, new videos, and a new fresh perspective.

And of course, we always appreciate your love and support! After a great start to the year, we’re excited to announce that the Austin Chronicle has officially released it’s Music Poll Ballot. That means it’s time to vote for your favorite artists and musicians!

Can we ask for a quick favor? Vote for Son de Rey in the following categories:

Best in Austin
* Best New Austin Band

Best Performing Bands
* Best Latin Traditional
* Best Latin Rock

We’d love your support! Click here to vote:

Voting Deadline is Jan. 31, 2013

Also stay in tune with SDR and join our newsletter. We’ll be sending you NEW show updates, NEW music, and much more!

Thanks again for the love. 2014 is gonna be amazing!

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