La Vida Buena, Son de Rey, Pagame At Holy Mountain

What up guys!

After a hectic season, Son de Rey is ready to close out the year with some of the coolest cats in Austin with the release of La Vida Buena’s music video and an exclusive showcase at Holy Mountain.

WATCH the Official Trailer to La Vida Buena’s Music VideoLa-Vida-Buena-Music-Video-Release-Poster-Dec-19 (1)

The lineup includes:

Son de Rey

La Vida Buena

DJ Pagama

Also Friday December 20, we’re celebrating David’s Belated Birthday with a performance at our favorite spot in Pflugerville, TX – El Rincon. The show kicks off at 7 PM.

Come by and join us this weekend, there’s plenty of music and fun to kick off the holiday season.

Nos vemos!


Also! T-SHIRTS are now on sale this holiday season. Tanks, Tees, V-Necks and more!

Son de Rey El Rincon

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