Inside The Ojos Azules – EP

Son de Rey practiceWhat started as a simple idea in a run-down garage has become a stand out musical project for Son de Rey with the release of the “Ojos Azules – EP.”

The boys began recording in January of 2011 on one of the coldest nights of the year. In fact, Austin, Texas received a few inches of snow the following morning. The roads were iced up and the recording studio was in Uhland, Texas… pretty much as country as you can get. Driving out there was no joy ride.

But working with Grammy Winner Fabian Hernandez, who produced five of the six tracks on the EP was well worth the travel time.

When it came to making music, the groups’ collaborative efforts do not go unnoticed. David Moreno Jr. arranged all tracks on the EP,  chord by chord, and note per note including the popular crowd favorite, salsa/cumbia remake of  Wham‘s “Careless Whisper.”

Samuel Garcia, a long time producer, instrumentalist, and former member produced and co-arranged “Jamas,” the first song recorded for the EP.

Luis Miguel Ramirez wrote four of the six songs, his first being “Ojos Azules” – a song about coping with a first true love’s infidelity and the agony of heartache. He also wrote “Quieren Ser,” “Dime,” and his favorite track “Oye Mi Amor.”

Percussionist Lane Hiers oversaw production details to fine tune all beats, rhythms, and continuity while guitarist Robert Trevino created the sleek guitar rift on “Quieren Ser.”

And who can forget the catchy horn lines on “Oye Mi Amor,” written and transcribed by trombonist Michael Bryant? Enough said there.

Thanks to all who supported Son de Rey throughout this journey! Our love and gratitude goes out to you. Sometimes folks just get lucky enough to work and be surrounded by awesome people. But when all is said and done, our story is only beginning to unfold.

Are you ready for the next chapter?

Click here to download the Ojos Azules – EP!

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