Looking Back on March

2012 Fan Fair, Son de ReyIt was a month to remember. March 2012 was thus far our most challenging lineup of shows this new year.

We began our season with our monthly kick off at El Rincon Mexican Restaurant in Pflugerville, Texas. You won’t get a more intimate picture of Son de Rey at any other place.

The staff and management at this venue are very near and dear to our hearts. We have met some amazing people here, and shed a few tears from magical moments. We also crashed and burned after a couple of overblown arguments, but always did what was best for the band. Our confidence would turn up ten notches or so whenever Consuelo came out from the back kitchen, gathered up all the ladies, and started a party on the smallest dance floor in the world -An empty spot where a few tables used to be.

We were in San Antonio the following weekend, after another great performance at Jovita’s for the Somos Tejanos: Dos Centavos Showcase. SXSW was upon us and we knew things were about to get a little hectic. San Antonio was also churning up it’s premiere live music festivals. We earned our first spring sunburns at Fiesta Primavera at Market Square, or at least Luis did! It also was mere coincidence when two of his high school teachers, Mr. and Mrs. Lerma, stumbled upon the show. They were shocked to see this “goodie-two-shoed” boy who was once class president and a top 1% graduate rocking out to some Celso Piña and sporting a new bleached blonde do.

Yes guys… Luis practically pulled a Billy Idol on us. March was the month where our brown-haired singer nearly went platinum! Of course, after practically burning his scalp, he decided to find a happy medium (blonde that is…).With a new found confidence, Luis was able to lead Son de Rey in a solid three hour set at Market Square. The boys gained new fans and put on a heck of a show. Did we mention that we went from burning scalps to getting sun burned? All in a days work in San Antonio.

SXSW week came by fast. We kicked off the week at Frontier bar for a short 30 minute set due to our drummer Scott’s traffic issues. But hey, at the end of the day he stepped it up and brought his A-Game. San Antonio would soon see us again on Friday afternoon for the 2012 Tejano Music Awards Fan Fair. Market Square was packed, and we were pretty nervous. The group had grown musically over the past year and this was our time to show the Tejano industry what we were all about.

Robert blasted into the show with an amazing guitar riff leading into “Cumbia Poder.” Luis and David hyped up the crowd with their signature jumps, and after a few seconds had the crowd going crazy. Our goal was to perform our best, but most importantly we wanted to do so being ourselves. It’s a risk to have an edge, but at the end of the day staying true to yourself will win you the gold! After a quick photo and autograph session, we headed back to Austin to prepare for the SX-Tex-Mex Showcase.

Saturday night began at Ponderosa, a new Latin/Tejano club in North Austin. We headlined the show, demonstrating our versatility by playing the best of Joe Lopez and of course, all our favorite originals and covers. It’s difficult to impress a traditional Tejano crowd, but at the end of the day you have to earn your respect and fight your battles. Winning over the crowd isn’t easy, but after a short while, we had the crowd dancing to our music.

Later in the month, we made our first appearance on the De Austin Show, performing most of our tracks off the upcoming album and doing an interview with the hosts. The stage is our element, but TV is another type of feeling. You just can’t help but to throw all your passion out on camera. It’s an amazing feeling.

Finally, we ended the month congratulating a good friend of ours, Jerry Avila who celebrated 20 years of programming Primetime Tejano as host, producer, & director. The ceremony was held at the North Austin Event Center with performances by the Edingburg North High School Mariachi, Son de Rey, Avizo, Joe Bravo, and Jay Perez. After starting the show off, we were happy to receive a warm response from the audience and our fellow artists.

March was a fun month, but April will be better!


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