Who Is Son de Rey?

Who is Son de Rey? Good question, and a very difficult one to answer.

Son de Rey is everything. Son de Rey is everyone. We came from all walks of life. Some of us came from the streets, some of us came from middle class up bringings, and some of us came from different parts of the country.

Our political views would bring us to a civil war if we ever discussed a presidential candidate. Pink might not be our drummer’s favorite thing to wear, but if our lead singer had the choice, he would dye his hair that color.

The one thing that united us all was music. What fuels this team is pure passion, friendship, and a desire to succeed. We also don’t mind being a little blunt with each other at times. It’s better to be honest than bottle up all your feelings!

Music. How would one describe our sound? Let’s see. If you put things into perspective, you might say it’s a mixture of pop, cumbia, R&B, rock, Tejano, experimental, electronica, salsa, hip-hop, and pretty much a cornucopia of musical genres. Don’t you see? It’s music that represents everything about the world… perhaps told from a Latino perspective.

We have stories that need to be told, and a journey that we’d like to share with you. Join us and become part of our lives. Now is the time for Son de Rey.

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